Top 10 Thanksgiving Clips for Mise en Place Leaders

Because you’re all going to be so BUSY in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, in order to keep your mood light and cheerful among all your family members, I’ve posted a list of my favorite Thanksgiving kitchen scenes! Enjoy.

10. Bob Cooks More Than Burgers:

9. Some 3rd Rock from the Sun! Remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Lithgow before their drama days? Check out the opening scene:

Third Rock

8. Bart is a true chef:

7. No list in 2013 would be complete without some Big Bang Theory:

6. Looks like Carrie from The King of Queens is not used to making Something Worth Cooking:

5. The Cosbys show us how to carve a turkey:

4. If ever there was a Mise en Place Leader, Snoopy is one of them:

3. The Blind Side Thanksgiving. I’ll let this one speak for itself:

2. Happy Slapsgiving, everyone:

1. In my opinion, the best Thanksgiving moment in Sitcom history:




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