Garbage Cans and New Year’s Plans

Lego kitchen trash

Photo Courtesy Dave Ware

Yup, it’s a New Year’s resolution post. So you’re supposed to read this and be inspired to drastically change a certain behavior in 2014 so as to make you a better person, or that’s what the inspiring blogs at Time, Lifehacker, or a new take on resolutions posted by James Clear over at Entrepreneur would have you think. All of these do a great job helping you plan for 2014 and look forward to what could be the best year of your life, but I suggest there is something else that should happen first. As you may have guessed by now, I’m all about planning and preparation, but sometimes, even before you are inspired to take some steps towards putting Everything In Its Place, you need to take out the garbage.


Photo Courtesy Steven Depolo

The garbage can. Kitchen utensil? Arguable, but show me a kitchen without one and I’ll show you a disaster zone. It doesn’t matter if you just had Something Worth Cooking or burned the heck out of leftovers, there’s always going to be garbage afterwards. And, while trash is not inherently bad, if you let trash pile up and fester, the kitchen becomes cluttered and an altogether useless space. A Recipe for Success is useless if you’re unable to go into the kitchen without a HAZMAT suit. When we take out the garbage, it doesn’t matter if 2013 was a great year or a year of struggles, because you now have room to start something new.

Taking out the garbage lets you start over.


Photo Courtesy Kasia

Before you make a New Year’s Resolution for 2014, think about your “trash” from 2013. Remember, both triumphs and rough patches create garbage, and it’s when we forget to empty our garbage can that we are held up from moving forward.

What do you need to “throw away” in order to move forward with your plans for personal development?

Once you’ve emptied the garbage, stop by Mise en Place Leader in the coming weeks for tips on actually accomplishing those ambitious New Year’s resolutions!


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