About Me

I’m not a professional chef, and the closest I’ve ever came to working in the food-service industry was a high school job at my local pizza joint where the majority of my job was spent throwing chicken wings in the deep-fryer. But, I love cooking! I’m not an expert on food or what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite restaurants, and if you’re reading this, please just stop right now if you’re looking to learn what the “Summer’s Best 20 Minute Meals” are. I’m not even a great cook. I don’t own a single kitchen utensil worth more than $100 (does a microwave count?), and my favorite piece of equipment is a $17 food processor I bought at Target. And yet, being in the kitchen and trying to cook something new gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I am writing this entire blog as a metaphor. Our brains learn through metaphors, and the kitchen provides a perfect metaphor to teach leadership and personal development skills. This blog is meant to inspire you to explore your kitchen, but more importantly, it’s meant to teach applicable personal development skills that are easy to remember and simple to apply. So, bon appétit! 



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